As we now say goodbye to the Free Festival after operating 1st-30th August straight, we take a look back over some of our highlights from the month.
fringe1To begin the festival, we took the Fringe to a whole new level by launching a brand-new event Fringe for Bairns – this was five days full of fun and games for the little ones! DEFROSTED and Huggers made a comeback to the Free Sisters with their sold-out kids’ shows, creating queues from early in the morning and having every seat taken! On the final day we event brought a petting zoo in, all thanks to Five Sisters Zoo, as well as building our own ice cream and sweetie van! The shows then continued every morning through until early afternoon still bringing in the crowds.



fringe2It wasn’t all for the kids though! Every night the venue was buzzing until the early hours of the morning – there was a little bit for everyone from the late night comedy shows, various diverse theatrical performances, true-life stories to mouthwatering street food!



fringe3We were lucky enough to have Nathan Cassidy to bring along the famous Delorean for all the Back to the Future enthusiast – that definitely gave an edge to his show!       A massive thanks goes to all of the acts – travelling from afar and from close by! The Free Sisters would not have been the same without shows like the Shaggers’ cheeky stand-up or Chris Martin’s great powers of observation!



fringe4We couldn’t have done it without you! (And obviously the hardworking and talented staff!)
fringe5Sadly the jokes and shows have ended… but looking back, it was by far the best Festival year yet! So big thank you for everyone to came along! And see you next year! Came to see one of the shows in the Free Sisters? See if you can find yourselves on the photos here on our Facebook page.