February sees the start of another Six Nations tournament. When the world’s best rugby teams face off against each other in what is sure to be some of the most exciting matches of the year. Current raining champs England will be defending their title but our Boys in Blue will get chance to beat them fair and square. Get ready for 2 months of rugby madness!

six nations

Wales vs Scotland is first up on the 3rd February at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff at 2:15pm. Then back on home turf Scotland will play France on the 11th at Murrayfield. France is currently only the 9th best team in the world with our boys coming in at number 5, this should be a win for us!

The match of the season for all Scottish rugby fans will be on the 24th February when England step on to the Murray-Field (see what we did there). The tension will be felt across the whole of Edinburgh as hopefully it won’t all end in tears. Not only is the champion’s title at stake so too is the mighty Calcutta Cup. England has held the cup for 9 years and Scotland will be keen not to let it be a decade.

The Centenary Quaich is also at stake on the 10th March as the boys fly to Dublin to play Ireland at home. Scotland took the Quaich back from the boys in green only last year so all eyes will be on the prize for 2018.

Not to forgetting our international friends in Italy who will be playing our boys on the 17th of March.

Here at The Three Sisters will be screening all 6 Nations matches and have VIP packages available in our beer hall which includes enough food to feed the whole team: hot dogs, burgers, wedges, nachos, honey glazed back ribs, sticky JD BBQ chicken wings and garlic bread and a 2 pint stein to wash it all down.

six nations