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Fresher’s Blog


As soon as the fringe decorations and street signs are dismantled, and last of the flyers swept away from the ground, a whole new cohort of inhabitants begin to descend on the city: students!

To some, this may be your final year and you’re settling into the inevitable final stretch of dissertations; for others this will be your first time moving to Edinburgh and moving away from home for the first time!

Luckily, we here at The Three Sisters have put together a handy guide of how to make the most out of your fresher’s week, and some tips for surviving!

When is Fresher’s?


Napier, Heriot Watt and Queen Margaret Universities Fresher’s week runs from the 4-10th September 2017, whilst Edinburgh University will be from the 11th-17th September. Each University will usually run a number of activities, stalls and events, so it’s good to head along to make some new friends or even just stock up on the free stationery…

What are the essentials to have/do?

We’ve thought of some things to help make your fresher’s week go as smoothly as possible, and to ensure you have maximum time to have fun rather than spending it stocking up on stuff!

  • Your laptop – this may seem like a silly one to detail, but this will soon become your best friend. No computers left in the library? Your laptop has your back! No TV in student halls? Netflix on your laptop to the rescue! You can normally set up access to your student account on your laptop too so you can get to those emails and files easily. Remember to back up any work on a USB and email it to yourself too! (take it from someone that nearly lost a final draft of an essay were it not for an emergency back up from a laptop)
  • Good shoes – Edinburgh is a city full of hills and more often than not it will rain at least once a day. Make sure your feet are well prepped!
  • ID – nobody wants to be that person denied entry into a club or bar because they forgot their ID!
  • Some vegetables – whilst it may seem like a good idea at the start of the week to live on a diet of mostly pizzas and takeaway food, having a few bits of fruit or veg a day is still very important and can help stave off the dreaded fresher’s flu!
  • Have a walk around the uni during the day – it’s good to familiarise yourself by having a walk around the uni during the day so you know where things are and don’t have a panic on first day of lectures. This also comes in handy to know where you’re going on your walk home from town at night back to halls! Why not take some of your new flat or course mates and make it fun?
  • Make sure to go to all your registration classes – While going to a 9am registration class during the middle of fresher’s seems like the last thing you’d want to do, it can be very beneficial! This is often where you can sign up for the good tutorials and seminars, or even just so you recognise people on the first day of lectures.

The Three Sisters


Naturally, we think The Three Sisters is one of the best places to spend your evening! We’ll have a number of activities taking place during fresher’s week, like:

  • Sunday – NapierFest Signup day>
  • Monday – Lord of the Rings Pub Quiz
  • Tuesday – The Bad Boy Pub Quiz
  • Wednesday – Live Music
  • Thursday – Karaoke
  • Friday – Live Music & DJ’s
  • Saturday – Live Music & DJ’s
  • Sunday – Sports

Headline Act – DJ Sammy Wednesday 20th

We also have an enormous 225 inch TV screen in the middle of the courtyard – the perfect spot to soak up any nice weather that we may have, or to catch the latest sports! We’ll have pub quizzes every Tuesday, and also have deals on drinks with valid student ID.

We’ve got tasty scran on our menu and are open from 7am, so you can fill your boots with food to help get rid of the inevitable hangover from the night before..

What else is happening in Edinburgh?


We have some recommendations if you’re looking for other things to do in the city:

  • ‘Pitch n Putt’ at the Golf Tavern – for just a fiver, you can take on the oldest short-hole golf course in the world! Located in Bruntsfield Links you can pick up your clubs and golf balls from the Golf Tavern and make your way out on to the course! Then, stop back inside to return your equipment and celebrate with a well-deserved pint!
  • Ceilidh Club at the Ghillie Dhu – looking for something distinctly Scottish themed for your evening? Every Friday and Saturday, the ceilidh club will open its doors at 9:30pm and for £5 per person our ceilidh band will talk you through how to dance like a pro! (subject to availability)

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