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Have you been following the Euros so far? Which teams have you been rooting for? Republic of Ireland perhaps?  Got any predictions for the big game against Belgium coming up on the 18th?  Head on down to The Three Sisters to watch all of the live action for the Euros.


6 nations


Unlike other bars, we are showing EVERY single match one of our multiple HD TV screens ON our massive 200” courtyard screen. What could be better? It means that no matter where you are standing, you’ll be able to see all of the football! Say a big cheers to your pals in Edinburgh’s favourite beer garden with a big 2 pint stein! (Steins are designed to last 45 minutes unless you down it, so you don’t miss a minute on a trip to the bar) Don’t forget our brilliant food menu, packed with juicy burgers, man-planks and everything you need to keep you going throughout the games!

burger & stein

For the ultimate viewing experience, our beer hall will be open for all matches!

With multiple TV’s, projector, surround sound, table service, the man plank and a 2 pint stein included there is no better way to watch the games. Pre-booking is required for this. Do it here.