The Man Plank

Stag Night (noun): A party for men only held for a man shortly before he is married.

the man plank

Our Man Plank is the mother of all food planks (minimum 6 people required, but the one pictured will probably feed about 12!) that comes loaded with burgers, nachos, chicken wings, hot dogs, BBQ ribs and wedges. All washed down with a 2 pint stein of beer or cider.

Some Perks

Ready For Arrival Beverage
We can have bottles ready for your group.

Our bottles of selected spirits served with a selection of mixers are only £80 or £100 for premium serves.
A Place To Stay
Accommodation at our Stay Central Hotel really is just a few steps away…

Just tell us how long you’ll be with us and how many men then we’ll tell you the price!