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Big news sisters! (and brothers) Today, we launch our lip-smacker of a BRAND NEW menu!

Prepare to be catapulted into food heaven.. If you have a lame appetite, it’s time to man up for the occasion!

Think BIG, think JUICY, think MEATY, think CHEESY! Burgers, dogs, fries, nachos, chicken and of course the ever popular stone oven baked pizzas are still firmly on there!


Veggies, panic not, we love you too, we’ve got your back and there’s something for everyone!

Now we know all this talk has probably got your mouths watering like Niagara Falls, so we’ve decided to offer you 25% off any dish on the menu, on the 20th July, cos we’re really kind like that…. All you need to do to redeem this discount is  sign up on this link – //www.guestie.co/3sistersscran.

It’s that easy!

Don’t forget our scran is served 7am for early birds right through to the wee hours in the mornin’ for you night owls!

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