Cowgate is king!

The battle between George Street and the Cowgate will come up before every night out, but the savvy fresher’s among you will soon realise that the Cowgate is king!

Not only are the drinks way cheaper, as if that wasn’t reason enough, it’s also closer to halls meaning time for pre-drinks is maximised and money save for the taxi home can buy more rounds.
The Three Sisters is the Cowgate central hotspot hosting a giant courtyard and of course the official ENSA bar upstairs. Another great spot to check out in the area is Espionage night club, the place has five floors so no matter your music taste you’ll be covered!

The Munchies

three sisters food

Edinburgh is brilliant at many things but late night grub isn’t one of them! Good luck trying to find an open chip shop past 1am and as for the 24 hour McDonalds queue…it doesn’t bare thinking about.

You’ve got two options, make sure you have some easy access microwaveable leftovers before you leave the house or get piping hot delicious burger, pizzas and more from the Old Town Street Food Container right her at The Three Sisters , open till 3am Friday and Saturday the fresher’s and available to take away, we know which we would choose.

Hangover Breakfast

Recovering for a night out in the Cowgate in something the lucky among you will also master as a fresher and that starts with the right morning eats.

Return to the scene of the crime for a Three Sisters signature fry up and of course some hair of the dog. Or check out Biddy Mulligans a great Grassmarket pub if you fancy something a like better for the soul eggs & avocado on Sourdough anyone?

Fresher’s Flu

Sorry to tell you but no matter how early you leave the club, how late you sleep in or how much hangover food you eat you will still get Fresher’s flu.

If you’ve done fresher’s right but the time it’s over you will want nothing more than to be in bed watching Netflix with a mountain of treats and paracetamol.

Our advice stock up at the start of the week so you don’t need to leave the house!

Friendships Formed

three sisters food

Finally but potentially the best thing about Fresher’s is that you will meet the friends who will literally help you survive first year and they will be from all over the world!

Edinburgh attracts student from all across the globe, so not matter if you a Scottish native or from far afield Fresher’s is the best time to get out and meet new people.

Join us at The Three Sisters every Wednesday for our international nights where each week we will be celebrating one of our international friends, you might even see your homeland popping up!