Unleash your inner Tom Cruise

Our cocktail masterclasses are perfect for parties, girls’ nights or hen nights. Come learn how to be a master mixer with our in house mixologists!

This class, taught by our boys in kilts, is a light hearted, innuendo and booze filled hour. Learning has never been this fun, and to get the party started, you will be greeted with a cocktail.

Unleash your inner Tom Cruise, pick your favourite cocktail and we’ll show you how to make it! Find out who makes the best cocktail amongst your friends; our bar staff have tried many a cocktail, and so they make excellent judges!

At Three Sisters, we accommodate all group sizes, from a cosy six to a rowdy hen party. So whether you enjoy your pornstar martini, or prefer an expresso martini, like to sip on a cosmopolitan or will down a martini or two on a Friday night, we’ll make it all.

You can then sit back and enjoy your hard work. Why not use that liquid courage and enjoy some karaoke? Enjoy the concert of your life as you watch the mother of the bride belt out an Abba classic. You can even include a meal within the package, either to prep for cocktails or to top off your night nicely!

To book your informatively boozy night, and chat through your night’s plans, click Here