Why celebrate Paddy’s for just one day when you could celebrate Paddy’s Eve Eve, Paddy’s Eve, Paddy’s day and a Post-Paddy’s bash. We even celebrate the half-way six month point to Paddy’s day, even collecting your wristbands is an event! You could head to the local pub for a quiet toast or two to St Patrick, but why not spend it at The Three Sisters?

st patricks

Each year, people travel from Amsterdam, America, England, Ireland and Wales to Edinburgh’s Cowgate to celebrate with us. The party is worth the travel. We’ve even hosted competitions and flown over the winners! The Three Sisters knows how to throw a party, come find out just how well!

Let us entertain you. Not only do we provide the best dance tunes from the DJ booth, we have live music to keep you dancing too! We get the best acts on our stage. We’ve had the Rubber Bandits, Jedward, Boyzone, Charlie Simpson, the Two Johnnies, Salmon of Knowledge, DJ Sammy and only promise bigger and better each year. Even UK no.1 Lewis Capaldi has popped by. No wonder our Paddy’s event is globally award winning!

We have all you need to celebrate the best of all things Irish, including plenty of Paddy’s hats, themed food and drink and a hangover quenching breakfast! It’s a lot to fit in to a week, which is why we’re open from 7am with early and late drinks licences! Queues start early on the big day, so make sure to get here early! For those of you who arrive early with your wristbands, we’ll cook you a free full Irish breakfast. For those who aren’t morning people, if you have a 5pm wristband, you can pick yourselves up a hot chicken roll and packet of Taytos!

So celebrate St Patrick correctly, at the Three Sisters!